Paul Anthony Romero and the Game Music Foundation invite you to a unique concert with music from Heroes of Might and Magic III (August 11th, 2023 in Warsaw, Poland).

Paul Anthony Romero will present original musical themes that he created over two decades ago.

Heroes Piano Collections is a sentimental return to the music known from the extremely popular strategy game. Beautiful melodies from Heroes of Might and Magic III will resound in the form of an intimate piano recital. During the performance, Paul Anthony Romero will present original musical themes that he created over two decades ago, in the version in which they were originally created at the beginning.

The graphics promoting the event were drawn by Magdalena Katańska.

The Heroes Piano Collections concert was intentionally planned as a recital in a very intimate space of the modern studio Nowa Miodowa Concert Hall in Warsaw. Due to the extraordinary acoustic qualities of the venue, the performance will not be amplified in any way – so that the participants can enjoy the musical feast in its purest form. For this reason, the event will be limited to a small group of participants.

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Paul Romero will present his performance on a Fazioli F278 grand piano. Fazioli rejects any industrial approach to manufacturing and strives for uncompromising quality. The company’s founder, Paolo Fazioli – an Italian engineer, pianist, and designer – wanted to transfer the culture of the great Italian violin makers to piano construction. The brand’s pianos are featured at the world’s most prestigious piano competitions. Performing a concert on this unique instrument was a special wish of the Artist.

Dofinansowano ze środków Ministra Kultury i Dziedzictwa Narodowego pochodzących z Funduszu Promocji Kultury w ramach programu „Muzyka”, realizowanego przez Narodowy Instytut Muzyki i Tańca.

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