Q: Where can I buy tickets?

Visit our homepage gmfest.com for the link. You will then be redirected to the ticketing system which will handle the whole process. Please note that the refund rules are maintained by the particular ticketing system, not GMF directly. Be sure to read the Southbank Centre and/or Ticketmaster regulations.

Q: It seems that some concerts are sold out. Does it mean you will now organise more of them?

It’s not that easy, unfortunately. We cooperate only with top-class venues and performers – both of which tend to be booked many months (if not years) ahead. Nevertheless, in some cases a small number of tickets might become available again, e.g. when someone returns the already purchased ticket.

Q: What are the benefits of VIP tickets?

This year, the top-priced tickets provide premium seating, as well as entry to the masterclass session with the related composer. So for The Sounds of the Fireflies, a VIP ticket allows the participation in masterclass with Gustavo Santaolalla. For The Symphony of the Realms, a VIP ticket allows the participation in masterclass with Borislav Slavov.

Q: Will there be any special guests on-site?

Yes, we will have amazing guests this time as well. Visit the gmfest.com main site for all the details.

Q: Will there be an online transmission available?

Organizing online broadcasts is a complicated process which requires multiple additional licensing agreements, lots of extra work, and special resources. As of now, we do not yet know if we will be able to provide a live stream, but we will provide an update in case anything changes.

Q: What about the educational programme this year?

Same as at every GMF, we will prepare various workshops, panel discussions, and meetings with game audio professionals. The educational programme will take place in the venue or online, and the full schedule will be unveiled later on.

Q: What security regulations are enforced in the venue?

Please visit southbankcentre.co.uk/visit and nfm.wroclaw.pl/en/about-us/introduction to stay updated on the current safety guidance on-site.

Q: Do I need a valid passport if I want to come to the festival from abroad?

Yes – please visit the relevant government site and be sure to check the exact regulations regarding travel to the UK and/or Poland.

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