The curtain has fallen, the music may have stopped, but the impression Game Music Festival made on people lingers on! Our successful event earned coverage in several articles, most notably in Eurogamer,, and Mirror.

Now, let’s see what the British press have to say about Game Music Festival:

The power of Baldur’s Gate 3 was never more apparent than at that concert this past weekend. It’s a phenomenon, not only as a game but how it’s spread to a community around it. [Eurogamer]

Excited applause began to interrupt the changing of movements, where there would usually be only a silent pause. I had a good view of conductor Marek Wroniszewski (…) As his hand snapped shut and the orchestra played its final note, the pent-up energy poured out. A wave of applause swept the auditorium. [Eurogamer]

The Game Music Festival returned to London last Saturday, welcoming Larian’s composer and music director Borislav Slavov for a concert presenting Baldur’s Gate 3’s music, and Oscar-winning Gustavo Santaolalla to perform The Last of Us’ score.
And the atmosphere was beyond anything we’ve previously witnessed at a games concert. []

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